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Authentic Jazz


A basic knowledge of Authentic Jazz is enough to follow the lessons of this level. It is not necessary to have followed other Authentic Jazz courses however you have to know at least some basic steps such as those present in the Shim Sham.


This level is open to anyone who has at least one and a half years of experience in Authentic Jazz. He must know at least the Shim Sham and the Tranky Doo and in general know several basic steps of Authentic Jazz.

Lindy Hop

Livello 1

You are a newbie and you've just discovered the world of lindy hop. You've been dancing for 6 or 8 months, you know both the eight counts and the six counts basics and you've heard about the basic concepts of following and leading. You've seen the core moves of lindy hop such as the Swing out and the Circle but you feel you still have some troubles with them.
If you think this description fits you then this is the right level for you!

Livello 2

You have taken regular classes of Lindy Hop for at least one year and a half. You understand the basic concepts of following and leading; in social dancing, you can move easily from 8 counts and 6 counts basics and you can easily understand all the key figures: Swing out, Circle, Outside, Inside, Texas Tommy, Tuck Turn and their variations. You know the basics of Lindy Charleston (tandem, hand-to-hand and their main variations) and you find yourself comfortable dancing at almost all paces.
If you feel you fit in this description, then this is the level for you!

Livello 3

You have been dancing Lindy Hop for more than two years, you take regular weekly classes and participate steadily in social dancing, you have already attended at least one camp. You are familiar with the basic figures of Lindy Hop and Lindy Charleston. You can move smoothly and consciously on different rhythms and you are aware of concepts such as connection and musicality.
If you do not recognize yourself in this description, we recommend that you register to the previous level and give yourself the chance to significantly improve your dance! If instead all this sounds good to you, this is your level!

Livello 4

You've been dancing Lindy Hop for at least three years, you are almost always on the dance floor. You’ve attended Intermediate classes at international camps.
You are at ease with all basic moves, and you add variations to your dance.
Following/leading is no longer an issue, you know how to handle a social dance and you can improvise during a song.
If all that matches with your level, you are in the right place!

Livello 5

You've been dancing Lindy Hop for at least four years, you are always on the dance floor, even abroad.
You’ve attended various camps, in the higher classes.
You know tons of moves and you do variations in Lindy and in Lindy Charleston.
You are no stranger to authentic jazz steps during your dancing, and you do variations. You have a personal style characterized by the interpretation of the music. You are at ease with fast and slow songs.
Is this you?