from friday, may 10
to sunday, may 12

Swing Upon a Time

Salsomaggiore Terme

Here we are at the fourth edition of "Swing Upon a Time", the festival organized by Swing Dance Society clan of Parma Lindy Hoppers. What will happen?

  • Three days of workshops of Lindy Hop (5 levels) and Authentic Jazz (3 levels) with incredible
    international teachers
  • Three unforgettable parties in a location that you can only dream about.
  • A lot of live music with two of the best swing bands, SHIRT TAIL STOMPERS feat LUCA FILASTRO and HOT GRAVEL ESKIMOS 
  • Three days of absolute relax, you will not need to use your car or any other means of transportation, everything is within a short and pleasant walking distance
  • brunch
  • history talk
  • vintage corner





13.00 - REGISTRATIONS (Palazzo dei Congressi)
14.00 - AUDITIONS (Palazzo dei Congressi)
15.00 - CLASSES (Palazzo dei Congressi)
18.30 - HISTORY TALK by Peter Loggins (Terme Berzieri)
22.00 - PARTY (Palazzo dei Congressi)


9.30 - REGISTRATIONS (Palazzo dei Congressi)
10.00 - AUDITIONS (Palazzo dei Congressi)
11.00 - CLASSES (Palazzo dei Congressi)
13.00 - LUNCH (Ristorante L'Incontro)
14.20 - OPEN CLASS - Carribean Shim Sham (Palazzo dei Congressi)
15.30 - CLASSES (Palazzo dei Congressi)
18.00 - CONCERTO FROG&HENRY (Gazebo di Viale Romagnosi) - event OFF
21.30 - PIANO BATTLE (Palazzo dei Congressi - Sala del Lampadario)
22.00 - PARTY (Palazzo dei Congressi - Salone Moresco)


11.00 - CLASSES (Palazzo dei Congressi)
13.00 - LUNCH (Ristorante L'Incontro)
18.15 – PARADE (start from Palazzo dei Congressi)
19.15 – CONCERT SHIRT TAIL STOMPERS (Piazza Berzieri) - event OFF
21.30AFTER PARTY (Bistrò - Bacio di Vino)


The OFF events are public and free, collaboration with Comune di Salsomaggiore Terme that contributed with 7.424€ (Min. Lav. Circ. 2, january 2019)

event reserved to Swing Dance Society A.S.D. members.